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Life is complicated enough. We are here to help keep your home warm throughout the winter without having to worry about whether you’ll run out of fuel. That’s why we offer several automatic delivery heating oil plans. Review each option and choose the one that is the best fit for your oil needs and budget.

Our Automatic Heating Oil Plans:

Budget PlusMost Popular

The Budget Plus plan is our “set and forget” option. This plan does not require you to lock in your rate for a limited time or commit to holding pre-bought gallons. This plan’s price protection shields you from spikes and drops in the price of oil.

Our Budget Plus plan estimates the cost of the heating fuel you will use for the entire season. From there we set a budgeted monthly cost. Thanks to Price Protection, if the cost of oil goes up you don’t pay more and if the cost goes down you’re covered.

Budget Standard

This is our most flexible plan providing predictable monthly payments. The actual gallon price may fluctuate monthly, but your monthly payment will remain the same.

Our Budget Standard plan estimates the cost of the heating fuel you will use for an entire season. We then set a budgeted monthly cost that is flexible, rising and falling with the market cost of oil. We monitor your account throughout the season and provide you with updates on any changes affecting your fuel usage or cost. This gives customers flexibility and does not commit you to lock in your rate for a limited time or hold you to gallons.

Budget Lite

Lock in a set amount of gallons at a fixed price and pay the total with 12 equal monthly payments.

Our Budget Lite plan estimates the set amount of heating fuel gallons you will need for the upcoming season in the same way as the Pre-Buy plan. Instead of paying in full upfront, your pre-purchase of those gallons is paid at a fixed price with the total cost broken out and billed in 12 equal monthly payments. (A credit card on file is required for auto-payment.)

Budget Lite customers will be renewed as “Budget Plus” customers after the first year.


Lock in a set amount of gallons at a fixed price and pay in full upfront.

Our Pre-Buy plan begins by working with one of our oil specialists to set the number of gallons that you’re comfortable with purchasing for the upcoming season based on your history of fuel usage. You then pre-purchase these gallons at a fixed price that is paid in full before the season starts.

With Pre-Buy you’ll enjoy reliable fuel deliveries all year long of the gallons you purchased with protection from price spikes.

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Great prices and service.

Rated 5 out of 5
December 9, 2021

Great prices and service. The most reliable oil company we have worked with in Bucks County

Jack H.

Wow what a refreshing experience.

Rated 5 out of 5
December 9, 2021

Wow what a refreshing experience. I contacted CBO today with several pricing questions and they were amazing. I thought I was being overcharged by my previous company and guess what, I was! Office staff at CBO were amazing, answered all my questions and never pressured me. I gladly signed up with them because clearly, they offer wonderful customer service. If you’re looking for a fair company to provide you oil this season, look no further than Central Bucks Oil!

Joni M.

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