Central Bucks Oil: Your Trusted Partner for On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Solutions

Central Bucks Oil is the region’s premier provider of on-road and off-road diesel fuels. Customers choose us because of our commitment to providing quality fuels with excellent customer service.

For road vehicles, we supply ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) that you can always count on being in compliance with the latest environmental standards. For off-road needs, our specially-dyed diesel fuel is ideal for industrial machinery, construction equipment, and agricultural use.

What It Is Used For

  • On-Road Diesel (ULSD): Our on-road diesel is formulated to meet the stringent emission standards of today’s modern vehicles. It’s perfect for commercial trucks, buses, and other diesel-powered vehicles traveling on public roads, offering efficient and clean fuel consumption.
  • Off-Road Diesel: Specifically designed for non-public road vehicles and equipment, our off-road diesel is the fuel of choice for a variety of industries. It powers construction machinery, agricultural equipment, generators, and is used in other industrial applications where high performance and reliability are essential. Off-road diesel is exempt from taxation and is dyed to indicate this tax-exempt status. Please note, the use of off-road diesel in on-road vehicles is illegal and subject to heavy fines.

Ready to order?

When you are ready to order on-road or off-road diesel fuel call us at 610.847.1012.

All orders require a minimum order of 200 gallons. Taxes may apply.

Our standard delivery schedule is within 3 to 5 business days of receiving your order. Our Normal Weather Conditions policy applies to all deliveries.

New at Central Bucks Oil: Same-Day Off-Road Diesel Delivery

No matter how often you check your supply, sometimes you might still run out of diesel fuel. If you live in Bucks or Montgomery Counties, you don’t have to worry. We now have a service that delivers off-road diesel fuel on the same day you order it.

Orders must be placed by calling 610.847.1012 before 10 am to qualify for same-day delivery (a $50 service fee applies.) This same-day delivery applies only to off-road diesel fuel. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are delivered in 3-5 business days.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What distinguishes your on-road diesel fuel from other providers?
A: Central Bucks Oil’s on-road diesel is a high-quality ULSD, ensuring lower emissions and better engine performance. Our fuel meets all federal and state regulations, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly option for road vehicles.

Q: Can off-road diesel be used in on-road vehicles?
A: No, off-road diesel is intended only for use in non-road vehicles and equipment and is not legal for use in on-road vehicles. Off-road diesel fuel is dyed to avoid accidental use in on-road vehicles and to indicate its tax-exempt status.

Q: How does Central Bucks Oil ensure the quality of its diesel fuels?
A: We adhere to strict quality control standards, sourcing our fuels from reputable suppliers. Regular testing and monitoring ensure that our diesel products consistently meet the highest standards for performance and safety.

Q: Is there a price difference between on-road and off-road diesel? If so, why?
A: Yes, there is typically a price difference between on-road and off-road diesel, primarily due to differences in taxation.

On-road diesel is taxed since it’s used in vehicles that travel on public roads, with these taxes contributing to transportation infrastructure maintenance and development.

Off-road diesel is exempt from taxation (and is often dyed to indicate its tax-exempt status) and is used to power non-road vehicles and machinery such as farm and construction equipment. Off-road diesel is generally cheaper than on-road diesel, but the exact price difference can vary by location and current market conditions. It’s important to note that using off-road diesel in on-road vehicles is illegal and subject to heavy fines.

Have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about diesel fuel delivery or any of our services. Call us at 610.847.1012.

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