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You are solely responsible for the accuracy of your customer information and the condition of your fuel storage and distribution system. YOU CERTIFY THAT YOUR FUEL STORAGE TANK AND ALL CONNECTED PIPING ARE IN GOOD OPERATING CONDITION, FREE FROM LEAKS, AND INSTALLED IN COMPLIANCE WITH LOCAL BUILDING CODES. You understand that we are prohibited from making deliveries in cases where your equipment is not in proper operating order, such as inoperable vent alarm (whistle), PVC piping, or other unsafe or environmentally risky circumstances. You also understand that if a delivery is attempted at your property, but your fuel storage system is found to be in an unsafe condition, you may incur a minimum delivery fee, not to exceed $100.00.

Payment Methods and Procedures

When ordering fuel, your price/unit is guaranteed at the time you place your order. We offer volume pricing discounts …the more you buy, the lower your price. In the event that your fuel tank will not hold the amount ordered, your price/unit will be automatically adjusted to the volume discount bracket actually delivered.

When ordering fuel, your account is charged (settled) to your selected payment method at the time you place your order. Depending upon your order quantity, the amount charged, and any credits, are determined as follows:

  1. If ordering a “fill”, your account is charged for the gallon capacity of your tank X the price per gallon.
  2. If ordering a specific number of gallons, your account is charged for the number of gallons ordered X the price per gallon.

When your actual delivery quantity is posted, your account is automatically credited for any overpayment. You are only charged for the amount of fuel you actually receive. You will receive a delivery ticket from the driver which shows the number of gallons delivered. In addition, once your delivery is posted (usually the next day) you will receive an e-mail delivery notification which contains all details of your order, including your actual cost for the fuel delivered and any credits, if applicable.

Canceling Orders

If you need to cancel an order please contact at 610.847.1012 during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

IMPORTANT -Disclaimer of Liability for Equipment and Environmental Damages:
Under no circumstances is Central Bucks Oil obligated to repair or replace your oil tank, lines and/or piping. We assume no liability for, and you are solely responsible for, the condition and maintenance of your oil tank, lines and/or piping. Our agreement with you does not insure against oil tank, line and/or piping leakage or any damages to person or property resulting from tank, line and/or piping leakage, and it does not cover the costs of any cleanup, removal, remediation or other activities to comply with any environmental or other laws, rules or regulations. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BODILY INJURY, A DECREASE IN PROPERTY VALUE OR PROPERTY DAMAGE ARISING OUT OF THE DISPOSAL, DISCHARGE, DISPERSAL, RELEASE, OR ESCAPE OF HEATING OIL OR OTHER PETROLEUM SUBSTANCES INTO OR UPON YOUR PROPERTY, SURROUNDING PROPERTY, OR INTO THE ENVIRONMENT (AIR, WATER OR SOIL) UNLESS CAUSED BY OUR GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

Pennsylvania has programs to help with environmental cleanup costs from releases of heating oil from certain
underground tanks. See their programs for qualifications and limitations.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

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